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Which Patients Qualify for PT/INR Self Testing?

It is estimated that there are currently over 4 million patients on warfarin therapy in the U.S. Advances in warfarin management, such as patient self-testing, are giving clinicians and INR patients more options in the management of their care.


A good candidate for PT/INR patient self-testing should have the following:


  • Chronic (lifetime) anticoagulation patients
  • Motivated and interested in participating in therapy, and in PST
  • Physically capable of performing a self-test, including obtaining a finger-stick blood sample, or has a dedicated caregiver to assist with PST
  • Technically competent to operate a self-testing meter and to use the telephone to report their test results, or has a caregiver to assist
  • Capable of understanding and retaining training
  • Responsible and willing to follow their doctor’s orders for frequency of testing


Other factors to consider when selecting patients for PST:


  • Difficulty in getting to the doctor’s office or lab for INR testing due to:

          - Travel distance
          - Access to transportation
          - Mobility issues
          - Work or school schedules

  • Travel frequently, limiting access to timely and consistent testing
  • Spend part of the year in a second residence in another part of the country
  • Unable to provide a venous sample
  • Require more frequent testing due to other conditions