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PT/INR Meters

The INR Meter, test strips and carrying case are all included in the INR Self Testing Service

  • Fast results. Your INR displays in just 1 minute.
  • Easy to read. Large LCD screen with big numbers.
  • Portable. Uses 4 AA batteries that last 200 tests.
  • Smart. Stores 60 of your most recent results in memory.
  • Reliable. Meter is guaranteed and practically maintenance free.
  • Convenient. Includes handy carrying case for travel and safekeeping.


Remote Cardiac Services' INR Self-Testing Service

When you qualify for the PT/INR Self-Testing service and an enrollment form is completed by your doctor, you will receive everything you need to perform weekly tests, including:

  • Accurate, reliable PT/INR meter with batteries and carrying case. The meter is on loan it to you for as long as you continue to self test and report your results to the Remote Cardiac Services PT/INR Self-Testing Service.
  • An ongoing supply of test strips for performing the tests.
  • In-home training or training at your doctor's office in how to use the meter and perform the tests yourself.